Dance Classes
We cater for students aged 2-18 years of age and have a range of styles specifically chosen and developed by the team to ensure the children have as much fun as possible whilst learning and developing their dance skills.
Class - Age (in years)
Baby Ballet - 2-5
Baby Street Pop - 2-5
Infant Street Pop - 5-9
Infant Contemporary - 5-9
Infant Jazz - 5-9
Junior Street Pop - 9-13
Junior Contemporary - 9-13
Junior Jazz - 9-13
Intermediate Street Pop - 13-18
Intermediate Contemporary - 13-18
Intermediate Jazz - 13-18
Mixed age group from 7 years onwards;
Musical Theatre
West End Kids
All ages above serve simply as a rough guide, we will continuously review whether a child is suitable for each age group by assessing them in their classes.
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